Hello, World!

Welcome, oh nosy one! 

This early,  I want you to know that there are two of us here. 

Let’s just call the other one, my Partner.

I write today and my partner will write on some days.  Maybe the other one will start tomorrow.  Maybe the next day. Or the day after that.  Hopefully soon.

Why do I say this?  Well,  a few years back,  we started writing on shared journals … of things we wanted to write about  —- mostly personal stuff … and things we recommend that we do together or for the other one to try out.   We probably were able to complete two volumes and a few loose ones.  I can no longer recall.  Then, Partner just hoarded all the journals …   I just  hope this will be an improvement and that Partner will not end up copying some entries  from there here.  That would be cheating.  (Yes,  I know you … cheater!)   Totally inappropriate.  Definitely stale.

Anyway,  as I’ve said we are going to try again …  here and now.

I wonder what Partner will talk about.  I am excited. 

So, I will wait.  Will not write until I hear from my partner.

Ok, Ground … your turn!



P.S.  Make it quick.


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