Hello World (Redux)!


Yes, its me – the Partner, the other half of the “there are two of us here”.

Sowee mi Amiga it took several days (waaahhh!).  But do not doubt —  it was pressure, pressure, pressure to come up with something so that you can continue writing.

See I am not the real writer in the “there are two of us here” team.  I merely pretend to be one.  The real one is the Partner, the one who consistently writes on her journals (plural, take note, plural!).  Me, I just hoard them.  I do not even remember why I ended up hoarding them?

I am rambling.  I do not know what to write.  So I guess this will do for now.  Partner did say that she just needs to hear from me, did not indicate number of words, so this would do, don’t you think so?

So your turn once more my Friend.

Yesterday’s Dinner would be a good one to write about, no?  That new expression keeps playing in mind over and over again, I end up giggling big time, every time!




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