Drugged but Awake at 1AM

Hello, there.  It’s me, again.

Don’t get me wrong when I say I am drugged … yes, I was,  a couple of hours ago.  Popped 3 mini chocs … and just like that!  Was off to lala-land. 

Now, here’s the thing … it’s 1:14 AM and I just woke up and decided to take a bath.  Yep … take a bath.   The poison of choice had worn off and I have to do something … aside from writing senseless crap too early in the morning.

Before I get busy with the suds and give up on  this wordy doodling,  I read in Yahoo! that STEVIA is indeed the best of the sweeteners around these days.  Got to get me some again since to maintain a normal BSL (blood sugar level),  I gotta go for fake sugar.  Read on it,  Partner.  You know we need it.    

So there …. I’ve been baaaaaaad …. going for the chocs.  Hit me like a train.

…. and the parusa is this:  wide awake eyes at 1AM ….  hopefully, a warm bath will help.  Got to get some ZZZZ-s.

Good morning, Ground.    Salamat for writing back.  Now get back on the board … your turn, mate-y!

 P.S.   Ang tuhray, di ka naman (adjective) … we can end it in a couple of million ways …  hehe.


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