Storm and Crazy Sweet Folks

The two of us are home.  Pedring with his 100kph gustiness is keeping us home.

But one attempted to go to Makati for a meeting.  This half of the team has been stressing over the fact that this is one meeting she cannot miss.  It will ease up towards lunch time, she keeps convincing herself. Yeah, right!  With the wind howling and the rain this strong, that is crazy!   Guess which one?

Yes Stevia.  I know about Stevia.  I have been telling you about Stevia for some time, Home!  I even told you about the Stevia leaves I chew one time.    Sweet, the Stevia plant is sweet.  Sweet leaves.

That is the sweet I am referring to.  Gosh, not us, not any one of the “there-are-two-of-us-here” team.  I hope you did not think that.  Sweet is not one word we can be associated with.  That would be almost obscene, haha!

The nearest we get to sweet is Baking Life in FB.  The duo here does Baking Life.  Yes, we continue playing the game even after most everyone else left it for newer ones.  There is something in the way the cakes, cookies – all the sweet goodies are presented in Baking Life that gets my endorphins dancing.

But crazy is THE word.  Imagine awake from chocs at 1AM?!  Imagine thinking of going to a meeting at the height of Pedring (guess which one?).  Hmmmmm…

Keep safe and dry, Home.

PS :

My poison of choice lately? Polvoron from the House of Polvoron.  Handcuffs needed to keep me off finishing a box in one sitting.  Gross no?


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