How To Answer this Question #1

The question is:  IS YOUR FRIEND GAY?

For some reason, must be because I got Pedring’d  (i.e. badly hit by typhoon Nesat) — power outage, the strong winds … I entertained this random thought … how do I answer that question nga ba?

OK, let’s just get something out of the way, I don’t get the question ARE YOU GAY?

Just this:  IS YOUR FRIEND GAY?   Some nice answers that come to mind:

1.  Hmmm … why are you interested?  (sabay nguso sa kausap)

2.  No, he isn’t.  Neither am I.  Are you?

3.  Does it matter?  Should it matter?  Where’s your gray matter?

4.  Haven’t really thought about it.  What d’ya think?

5.  Parang nga, bru!  Pero, ikaw ganyan din naman.  So baka hindi.

6.  Isip ka ng possible Ms U question, tapos go tayo to ask him.  Baka dun natin mahuli.

7.  Kami, hindi. Ikaw?

8.  Obvious ba?  (Does this answer the question).

9.  Taralet’s, tanong natin sa tatay niya (sabay hatak sa kamay).

10. Pwede … pwede.   Pero bakit gusto mo malaman (with classic taas-kilay, intregera look)?

I often get this question from friends … about another friend.  More often than not, my answer is number 3,  except the last line, of course.  I have gay  and I-am-not-sure-if-they-are-gay friends.

Best of all,  I have I-think-they-are-but-they-don’t-say-they-are-gay friends.

Unless, they tell me otherwise, then they are not.   They are just happy-happy friends.

Recovering from Pedring,


P.S:    So … is your friend gay?  Bwahahahahaha!


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