Yes, we are back … for good?

Is this an exchange of questions asking each one for a commitment to post regularly?  As I write this,  I am being tempted by my sister to quit being online for a while to watch some showbiz talkshow, her staple every Sunday afternoon.  I have a hard time watching TV when she has control over the control.   Sounds repetitive, huh?!

Anyway, I am listening to the conversations and it is Philip Salvador talking about his past, specifically how he got started in showbiz.  Occasionally, I stand up to check who is talking, even wondering why he is today’s guest — with “A Story of my Life”, to boot.  Yun pala may telenovela?!  Someone even said that (perhaps just for  him), Philip is the best actor of the country and he goes:  Thank you so much.  Oh my God.   At least hindi OMG.  Hahahahahaha!

Coming from the last post I had,  I am neither getting ahead with my reading or starting with the second season of the wicked pink house in the corner of the street (that’s where the vampire, werewolf and ghost live — there are hints that the contrabulates will burn the house down so that they can neutralize the ghost … what damage can you do to a ghost?  A budding poltergeist, at that!).  Am somewhere in between since both take too much of my time … which would be better spent to declutter my space.

Supposedly, if one cuts down on clutter, one gets to be more organized.  Not that I plan to be more organized,  I just think I can use extra space for NEW clutter.  Case in point:  I don’t buy new shoes unless I got tired of it or it got tired of me (they have been complaining about the way I walk and the weight they carry around).    In Yoga-speak:  Imeldific, I am.

I got 20 working pairs, right now.  Just bought red and I have 2 more at the shoe repair store, for sole replacement.

The count does not include Crocs collection of two (lang naman):  my two-way Crocs sandals and my Mary Janes.

So, Ground, how many shoes do you have?


Hey, are we back or what?


Look at that?!

I was just thinking of going back to this thing we started and you beat me to it, Home! I have a smile on my face now.

I do not really have anything prepared to write – so I am taking off what you wrote, OK?

First, waaaahhhhhhh! Slave. Alipin. I have one too 😉 We breed the same creature, mah friend!

Second. I do not have a label to my relationship with books. But I have of late gone back to them, too. I sorta just found myself spending more time with them – THEM, as the operative word. I am with three of them on three different formats (hehe)

• The Shack – Wm. Paul Young in paperback
• Life Is What You Make It – Peter Buffet in hardbound (birthday gift from one of the boys last year with plastic cover c/o of you)
• The Game of Thrones – Suzanne Collins in kindle for iPad (my first ever amazon purchase)

They are a strange mixture no? I have one more on the waiting line – Orson Scott Card’s Ender in Exile.

Of course, I am not including the stuff I am required to read at work. Yun, marami – hahaha.

Third. I have not watched much TV lately. Reruns of The Big Bang Theory and Friends – on most nights. But I am certainly waiting for the second season of The Game of Thrones this month! Is Being Human good?

Welcome back to us!

We are back, aren’t we?

Back to My One True Love … or so I think

My one true love is not a person … my one true love is reading.  I promised to read more … doesn’t have to be a book, just to learn new stuff … get the old rusty vocabulary going.  Even see life through someone else’s eyes.  Feel a myriad of emotions not mine, but ones I can easily understand and openly accept,  have a discussion or argument (the better option!) about.  I started with Girl Reading by Katie Ward.  Chucked over PhP1,000 for a hardbound copy and already in Chapter 4 (of 7) …. sent a Twitter to the writer (she answered back!  Yey!  feeling like a worthy fan …) to give ultra-positive feedback.  And for a while I thought my OTL and I are back for good and then I realized:  I am so tamad …. what else other than reading can I do?  Hahahahahaha!

So I look for a somewhat interesting “other lover” and the winner is TV.  Am I cheap or what?

My best buddy (also good and faithful slave) has a collection of downloaded series … a slew of shows that may interest one or both of us.  The sitcoms are our regular staple, along with the more famous English (nothing dubbed, OK?) telenovelas like House, MD (will cry when I see the last season … I would like him to be my “real” doctor for all my illnesses:  true or imagined … God, I digress) and Grey’s Anatomy (NO!  I did not answer “I want to be a doctor when I grow up” in kindergarten.  I wanted to be a private dancer …. that’s another story for “later in life”) and (surprise!)  Once Upon a Time (perhaps we are watching this to treat our inner children or we just miss Dr. Cameron from House, MD who is now Sheriff Emma in Storybrooke …. digressing much … digressing has to be stopped…)

After watching the usual fare,  Best Buddy / Slave suggested that we try BEING HUMAN (Aren’t we tired of this already? Is this a story of everyday stuff?!  If so, I’d rather read even if I am tamad).  Lo and behold — it’s a barkada of beings I would like to be, if I had nightmares everyday:  vampire, werewolf and a ghost.   While it bothered me that they changed 2 of the 3 actors from the first episode,  I have to hand it to them to leave the best one for the second epi — the werewolf is whiny, OC and speaks clearly (they are all Brits so most of the time, I just hear “blah-blah-blah-blah” — I go Bart Simpson in his “I ain’t listening to you” mode.

We have not completed the first season so you will have to wait for a real, honest to goodness review of BEING HUMAN aka Being Different in Human Form … but for starters, here you are:

>  So far, nothing spooky. The ghost has nice (same in every epi) clothes and curly hair.

> The vampire is cool … he was a soldier when he was still human.  His maker, however, is ugly.  I  like the makers in True Blood more …

> No such thing as blood substitute here.  So we still see a lot of blood sucking and mopping (they have to show how they clean up after) ….  and here, the crucifix (still!!!) works (unlike in True Blood) … so do stakes.

> The whiny werewolf shrieks a great deal when he transforms.  Not into a robot … just a plain, bad-looking dog.

> I am a wee bit interested to catch the cliffhanger.

It had taken over reading Girl Reading for the time being (human, in my terms, tamad).

Slave, get me some plain popcorn, please.  Now na.