Hey, are we back or what?


Look at that?!

I was just thinking of going back to this thing we started and you beat me to it, Home! I have a smile on my face now.

I do not really have anything prepared to write – so I am taking off what you wrote, OK?

First, waaaahhhhhhh! Slave. Alipin. I have one too πŸ˜‰ We breed the same creature, mah friend!

Second. I do not have a label to my relationship with books. But I have of late gone back to them, too. I sorta just found myself spending more time with them – THEM, as the operative word. I am with three of them on three different formats (hehe)

β€’ The Shack – Wm. Paul Young in paperback
β€’ Life Is What You Make It – Peter Buffet in hardbound (birthday gift from one of the boys last year with plastic cover c/o of you)
β€’ The Game of Thrones – Suzanne Collins in kindle for iPad (my first ever amazon purchase)

They are a strange mixture no? I have one more on the waiting line – Orson Scott Card’s Ender in Exile.

Of course, I am not including the stuff I am required to read at work. Yun, marami – hahaha.

Third. I have not watched much TV lately. Reruns of The Big Bang Theory and Friends – on most nights. But I am certainly waiting for the second season of The Game of Thrones this month! Is Being Human good?

Welcome back to us!

We are back, aren’t we?


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