Yes, we are back … for good?

Is this an exchange of questions asking each one for a commitment to post regularly?  As I write this,  I am being tempted by my sister to quit being online for a while to watch some showbiz talkshow, her staple every Sunday afternoon.  I have a hard time watching TV when she has control over the control.   Sounds repetitive, huh?!

Anyway, I am listening to the conversations and it is Philip Salvador talking about his past, specifically how he got started in showbiz.  Occasionally, I stand up to check who is talking, even wondering why he is today’s guest — with “A Story of my Life”, to boot.  Yun pala may telenovela?!  Someone even said that (perhaps just for  him), Philip is the best actor of the country and he goes:  Thank you so much.  Oh my God.   At least hindi OMG.  Hahahahahaha!

Coming from the last post I had,  I am neither getting ahead with my reading or starting with the second season of the wicked pink house in the corner of the street (that’s where the vampire, werewolf and ghost live — there are hints that the contrabulates will burn the house down so that they can neutralize the ghost … what damage can you do to a ghost?  A budding poltergeist, at that!).  Am somewhere in between since both take too much of my time … which would be better spent to declutter my space.

Supposedly, if one cuts down on clutter, one gets to be more organized.  Not that I plan to be more organized,  I just think I can use extra space for NEW clutter.  Case in point:  I don’t buy new shoes unless I got tired of it or it got tired of me (they have been complaining about the way I walk and the weight they carry around).    In Yoga-speak:  Imeldific, I am.

I got 20 working pairs, right now.  Just bought red and I have 2 more at the shoe repair store, for sole replacement.

The count does not include Crocs collection of two (lang naman):  my two-way Crocs sandals and my Mary Janes.

So, Ground, how many shoes do you have?


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