525,600 Minutes

“Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes, how do you measure a year in a life”  (Seasons of Love / Rent)

My, have we been counting haven’t we?   Just as May started I found myself listening to the song Seasons of Love over and over again.  I even got around to making the post card attached to this post.

I doubt though that this has anything to do with your background (math) and mine (eng’g) nor the 30 years or so that we have been working.   Maybe it is about finding meaning (waaaah, ang lalim!)

I don’t know what I can do well.  But let me mirror your list :

(1)    Writing.  What about?  Anything and everything.  We’ve never categorized all of those things we wrote about in all of our named journals.  So I think that will work – write about anything and everything.

(2)    Crochet.  Oh, I can be good at this!  I think.  I did a really memorable crochet project when I was in high school — orange curtain! See I still remember?

(3)    Cooking.   The items in MY menu have grown over the years, even if I am a really lazy cook.  Started out with “Mom’s Mean Spaghetti” (that was how my boys used to call it).  Then I ventured into “Tastes Like Caldereta by Mom” and finally to “Mom’s Peanut Butter Kare-Kare”.  Buti na lang I cook during special occasions lang, hahaha!

(4)    Tutorial.  At work, this is what I do at work.  Mentor.  But I think I want to teach special children.  Serious.  B and I are actually checking out certification courses in TESDA.

(5)    Barista.  No chance.  I just like to drink coffee.  I do not want to make them.

Suggestions :

Weren’t we discussing one time that we can scrapbook and organize other people’s photo albums?  I still want to scrap book.  BUT I am scrap-booking now, virtual nga lang.  iPad version.  To be honest, I am quite taken by it.  I spend hours sometimes tapping away and building my iPad scrapbook.

Food, coffee, dessert, restaurant review, hahaha.  For obvious reasons – we spend the most time together over food, dessert and coffee.  AND, if only to prove to ourselves that we do not jinx them into closing!

Travel guide – to ourselves, exclusively.  I sooo want to travel.  But nothing like the going-to-Naga episode. But then again, we would not have the classic :  “Teh, paano kung jumalis and jerplane?” To which your J replied with “Eh di jundan ninyo!”   CLASSIC!

There are a few more, Home.  So do tell — what is it that you want?

Seasons of Love


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