Death Scenes

Scene 1.  The Date

I don’t remember much before the lights went out … when the ceiling caved in … and the fall …

Wait … help me remember.  Oh yes, you ordered chicken again … and wine … and asked the waiter what time they’d close shop.

Said that you had a surprise … and I was waiting the whole time.  It was like forever ….

Then shortly before midnight, you kissed me and said, “Listen ….”.  You paused, seemingly like you were waiting for the right time.

My eyes wandered over to the mirror behind you, just so you wouldn’t see how excited I was.  I was there, just wating.

Still, you did not say anything but just smiled, looked around at the other guests.  It was then that I noticed how pointy your right ear was.

Then, it happened.  Everything was a frightful blur.  Everything shook.  They did say there was going to be a big one.

Help me remember the last few moments … there was just darkness.  And that last embrace.

But you said nothing.

I am waiting, still.

Scene 2.  The Ride

It was during that long, long trip back to the town where I was born,  that we met.  I was driving my car … listening to old songs in the radio.

And just like that, you were there.  At the backseat of my car.  Telling me to stop singing … to turn off the radio and to talk to you instead.

I adjusted the rear view mirror,  to get a better look at you.  I stared at you.  This couldn’t be happening to me, my mind went.

And I saw you, mouthing “Oh, yes, it is. I am being creative today.”

Again, I thought to myself :  “Oh, no.  Death can’t be my rider.”

This time, you spoke:  “Oh, yes, it’s me.  As I’ve said I’m being creative today.”

“You do this all the time?”

And D (Feeling close to you this early, I gave you a nickname in my head.  I felt scared and foolish at the same time.) smiled, “No.  Just for today.”    You sounded human.  Or maybe it was a trick.  So we’d go without much argument.

D continued: “You must be special.  I don’t know.  I was even given special instructions.  Befriend him,  make light talk.  He can ask you one thing.”

“I am special.  I can ask you one thing.”


“Will it hurt?”

“No. You are special, He said.  I shall take you in your sleep.”

I heaved an audible sigh.  D started singing my most favorite song in the whole wide world.  Mama used to sing that to me.

I sang with him, crying and laughing at the same time — knowing that sometime later,  I will be Home.

Scene 3.  The Check List

5 AM.

Woke up early.  Good!

Crisp white shirt.  Gray slacks.  1 inch heels.   Not bad!

No time from breakfast.  Maybe later get a latte.

Change routine — walk to work instead of taking the bus.  Good idea.

Ok … Check.

5:45 AM.

15 minutes ahead of sked.  Great!

Keys in the pocket. Lock the door.  Check.

Man, am I ready for this presentation.  Check.

6:00 AM.

Smile at the cute barista.  Will try to get his number tomorrow.

No today.  No time!!!!   Tomorrow.  Listed —- with exclamation point for To Do List.

Oh my, here he comes.   Leave in 5 minutes or you will be late.

6:15 AM.

I am late.  Damn this stopping for a latte and a cute guy.

The operative word is cute.

Ok.  Tomorrow?  Again?  Yes! Yes! Yes!  …. now cross the street.

God, I forgot to look before I did.

Scene 4.  The Visit

I hate the smell of flowers.  I reminded my sister to let everyone know:  Omit flowers. Give to my favorite charity.

Maaaaan —- I look bad.  I have a bruise on my forehead … that must have been from the fall.  The fall of no return.

Hahahahahaha!  Not funny.

Oh, my.  It’s my Suuuuuuuuuuuuuper Crush.  Noooo, this can’t be happening to me.

I am so dead and he is here all cute and …. hey, whatcha doin’ here?

He’s crying  … like WTF?   Are you saying … hu-whaaaaat?

Too late.  By the way,  I hate the smell of flowers.  Take them with you.

Scene 5.  The Rain

I stood there. Could this be it?   After death.

It’s raining here all the time.  Well,  it seems like it for the last.   How long has it been?

It’s a good thing they gave us umbrellas.

“Excuse me, Sir.  Hello?”  No one was looking.

“Uhmmm,  hello.  You see, I am new here.”    No one paid attention.

I sat down on the pavement — wet yet it felt dry.  Amazing and yet I realized. Nothing much has changed.

I was ignored here.  Just as I was, there.

The end.  Pun intended.


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