Still 10,000 Hours of What?

I decided to just write.  For the time being.

I had a tough time today so I thought it would be nice to end the day with a positive note. 

People interpret a word of thanks differently.  Somewhere in the web, someone said thank you for making us stupid for something something and I thought how could that be.  Stupid is as stupid does … am I quoting Mr. Gump quoting his momma correctly here.  If so, thank you.

After having read that, I decided that it was a rather negative or should I say incorrect way to say thanks.  Then, again it may have  been a note of sarcasm, but to one’s disadvantage. 

So there, I say I had a tough time today.  I hope I was up to the challenge.  I did not lose steam and did not give up on the tasks that needed to be done.

Thanks for a challenging day.

P.S.  That’s a short one … I wonder how much did it take off the required 10,000 hours?  If that’s 15 minutes and the last was an hour … then 10K – 1.25 =  …. OK, do the math.  I was just here to write.

Thank you for reading my writing. 

Good night!  Sleep tight.






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