Since I literally get paid for reading text messages (don’t ask why), I wake up most days doing that shortly after I wake up. Today, there was a personal message among the work-related ones. It said something like this — “Found out that one of our (FB) friends had lied to us.” With that line, I knew I was going to have a bad day.

Okay — it’s nothing new. Billy Joel (idol!) even wrote a song about it:

Honesty is such a lonely word.
Everyone is so untrue.
Honesty is hardly ever heard.
And mostly what I need from you.”

While the use of everyone is maybe a bit O.A. (I like using this word … it’s an old word. Yet it’s a so “exacto” word to use at times), when one needs honesty and does not find it, lonely does not even make the cut for some. Today, I was rather disappointed. Too early in the morning.

So I brought the ill feeling to the workplace, shared it with 5 girls while having coffee (was just not sure which was hotter —- the cup of coffee or my head! LOL). Told them that I was thinking of doing my very first UNFRIEND move in Facebook. I never thought I’d ever unfriend anyone. While it may seem easy to be a friend to anyone in Facebook, it is a pretty serious business for me. Friendship in my virtual space is nothing different from the usual, physical, day-to-day, I-see-you friendship I cultivate with those I have chosen to be a part of my world. It’s not a simple click of the mouse. It is a choice. I even choose who I play with in Facebook.

Virtual is just another channel. Who you are to me there is who you are to me everywhere. In my heart of hearts, you are either worthy of my friendship or not. Nothing in between.

I was looking for honesty and I did not see it in this person. It was when I needed him to be honest that he failed. It isn’t even the first time. Tested, failed; tested, failed. This time around, quite miserably.

I have very few readers in WordPress but quite a lot in FB. So I shall declare it here instead. Today, I have decided to UNFRIEND someone.

I never thought I would. Hopefully, I would never have to do it again.

I knew it at 4:50AM today. I was going to have a bad day.


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