INTRODUCING : The #birthdayclub


The #birthdayclub.  That is how we call ourselves.  Mostly, we see each other only on birthdays NOW.  Emphasis on the NOW.   This was not how it used to be.  But that is a different story altogether.

I thought this would be a good time as any to introduce the #birthdaycub because, tadah! . . . a member is celebrating a birthday.  Tomorrow. July 18.  And that means that in the next days or so, there will be a flurry of sms, bbms, twits :  “So when are we all free?” 

Yes! We will see each other complete, I hope.  Just the third for this year (and we are halfway through 2013 already!)

Then there will be a second wave – of just sms after the date is set.  “So what are you getting her/him?”


Food, coffee, shared dessert, wine (occasionally) – these pretty much characterize the fabric of our relationship.  Our time together all of these 25 odd years were spent talking and eating, talking while eating, talking, eating, alternately.  We’ve gone a loooong way – from Chiken-in-a-Bikini to sushal places, haha.  Oh and yes, not to forget, all those eating places that closed – and we seriously think that we jinxed them. 


Birthday G is the second for the year – two of them celebrating this same month.  And that means that there is this one month each year when we get to get together twice in the same month!

It’s not that we do not get to see each other during all the in-between birthday periods.  We do, but in some sort of subsets.  Recently, the subset has been mostly two, sometimes three.  Short notice, quickies – we-are-having-lunch-join-if-you-can types.  Mostly, when the Power Boy is in town.

I am rambling.  I really do not know how to put this story of the #birthdayclub together yet.  But I just do not want to miss this as a way to greet Home.


Looking forward to the #birthdayclub meetingSSSS. 

Missed. Miss. Missing all of you.


One thought on “INTRODUCING : The #birthdayclub

  1. Salamat, Ground, for the greeting! See you when I see you and the rest. The Power Boy and I went out on a date yesterday — just before a long weekend break (mine).

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