Daily Prompt: There’s No Place Like Home > A Tale of Two Cities


If you had the opportunity to live a nomadic life, traveling from place to place, would you do it? Do you need a home base? What makes a place “home” to you?

Funny, I’ve been thinking about writing something about having to move between two locations that I invariably call “home” — one is our ancestral home in a quiet part of Manila and the newer one, a condominium unit, in a different city, where I now spend my Saturday evenings until it’s time to pack up and go back to the older abode.   As in all things, change brings new challenges and surprises, to name a few:

1.  Family makes the big difference between a house and a home.  Unless I have company, the new place is just a different environment.

2.  Being the family shopper,  I’ve got two shopping lists now.  Occasionally, I get it all mixed up and at one time, we thought we ran out of toilet paper in the new place.  One of the kids was complaining about the shortage in supply —- only to find out that he was looking for it in the wrong place.  You see:  new place, new storages — making things seemed to be “misplaced”.  As cluttered as it is, everything has its proper place in the older base.

3. I miss the noise. At times, quiet is good.

4. No TV (just yet) in the new place.  I get to read … work at home.  OK,  I am fooling myself — I am your regular idiot so I need my box.

5.  I am filling in forms — for address which one do I write as my home.  What’s the zip code for the new one?  OK,  old is good.

6.  It’s still far off, but where do we spend Christmas eve?

7.  I love new stuff … even new paint smell has its charms. The pillows are all so fluffy.  I get to decorate.  Hey, check it out?  More bakeries to visit — the orange and almond loaf is to die for.

8. Who needs an alarm clock in the new place?  I don’t need to get up early on Sundays …

9. … until I start to want my old bed better. It knows the contours of my body.

10. …. and I also wash dishes in my new place.  Am practically my own maid  (and I am not good at it hahahaha!)  I need my yaya!

What makes a place “home” to me?   Living in two cities is challenging … hopefully, I will get used to it.  Until then, my second home is just a number:  401.

Anyone here knows Ellen DeGeneres or Oprah?  I need a new TV.  Make it flat. 
Don’t have space in the new batcave.


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