Weekly Photo Challenge : Fresh

FRESH : Not previously known or used; new or different.

My take on FRESH is both starting anew and doing something different. To celebrate my birthday, my friends and I decided to meet at a place we all have not been to this weekend. Being the birthday girl, I chose the place. During our last trip to the grocer, one of my friends mentioned that she can live on bread alone. As a celebration of “life” as defined by my friend, we went to Wildflour Café + Bakery for lunch today.

Bread & Butter at Wildflour

Bread & Butter at Wildflour

Strawberry and Lemon Soda

Strawberry and Lemon Soda

I have not been out with friends on a weekend for the longest time so the adventure was kind of new and exciting to me. The bread was great. I had French Onion Soup (with gruyere cheese, yum yum) and a tall glass of fresh strawberry and lemon soda. We traded stories and laughed like there was no tomorrow.

Had great company and fine food. We charted our next trip — life can be just as fresh — with ice cream.

More “freshness”, please!

Happy weekend, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Fresh

  1. I love your images, beautifully simple but speak volumes. It’s my birthday too, so happy birthday to you too, it’s sounds like your weekend has got off to a great start! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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