#birthdayclub Goes Korean



24 July 2013.  Bulgogi Brothers. #birthdayclub dinner meeting.  Well, not really THE #birthdayclub, but a subset of it. 

Applicable emoticons :

Should have been :-D, not quite 😦 Hey, three present and two extension members, that’s not bad at all!.  So I guess it is :-I, yes Home?

Korean.  We like eating Korean food together so we had a good time — eating together being the operative word whenever food is mentioned.   It is strange though because the women of the club do not particularly like their food to be spicy.  So there, you guessed it right, the men end up eating those fiery stuff (yup, saw those sweat beads on your forehead, Power Boy).  And yes, we enjoyed it so much that Home here requested for additional boiled corn and boiled sweet potatoes, AFTER we finished off everything on the table!

Dessert.  Yes, the dessert.  We are dessert people.  We cannot not have dessert.  We grew up together sharing dessert.  Dessert is the sweet thing that binds.  Wow, for all of them Korean ice cream goodies!  Even if they were meant to be individually enjoyed (Korean popsicle in melon flavor?), we still ended up sharing – even just a bit.  Creatures of habit we are.  And old habits will not die.

So what else went well with Korean food and Korean ice cream?  Talk, lotsa talk. But, we always have lotsa talk during #birthdayclub gatherings.  Biggest talk topics of the night?  Two, I guess.  The big snobbing incident and the girl on the next table with the very, very short dress who (oh my!) truly, courageously and seriously picks her nose in public.  Which did you find more interesting, Home?

I was too full after dinner – from the Korean food and dessert and from the almost non-stop talk.  And yes, I was full too from the warm feelings inside of spending time with those I hold close to my heart.  I would have been more full if the Little Boy and the Sungit Girl were present.

As Mr Ground (extension #birthdayclub member) and I walked back to where our vehicle was parked, I think I did have this emoticon 😀 on my face. 

And so goes a #birthdayclub adventure this 2013.


PS : Hey, Home.  Hope you like the stash.  I wont forget na – found a way to help me remember, hahaha!


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