Daily Prompt : Forever Friendship


Finish this sentence: “My closest friend is…”

This isn’t an easy statement to finish. How does one define closest? The one who is easiest to contact or to see at a moment’s notice? Is he or she the one who knows my deepest, darkest secrets? Is he or she your significant other?

Over the years, we have cultivated friendship at the many, many places we go to and yet, the ones who know us best are usually found at home. In our family, my siblings served as my first friends as they were my playmates and supporters through the years. Growing up together, we shared collective memories — knowing who did what as children, who had the most number of crushes and heartaches, how we had loved and lost, and loved again? We still do, looking forward to grow old together too.

While our spouses and significant others know us well, we have a few things that we would rather tell another human being, out of fear to be judged or worse, loved less if a DDS (that’s deepest, darkest secret!) has been discovered. Similarly, we have our children We just need to know our boundaries with them — they tend to get chummy and casual, that occasionally, they abuse the “friendship”.

While those we consider as colleagues see us at our best behavior, there are very rare, true friendships found at the workplace. This type of friendship requires maintenance —beyond the usual lunches and projects that keep people together. I have had my share of this kind of friendship and luckily, some have lasted for over 20 years.

Lastly, there is our Maker. You should hear me talk to Him about my day. It’s pretty much like talking to myself but I know that there’s Someone listening to what I have to say.

To have friends is a choice and the decision to have them requires a responsibility. Like all things “living”, we need to tend to it and its needs and demands. Make new ones and keep the old.

You are wished a friendship that is worth keeping.


Thanks for the post today, Ground.


This is in response to this DP: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/07/25/daily-prompt-friendship/


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