Daily Prompt Too : Back to School >>> I am in School!

I am in school – I have been back since 12 years or so ago!  Does not necessarily mean I am back in the classroom though (OK, sometimes back in the classroom too).

Yes, the same business school where we met – my dearest and closest friends.  Home for two years twenty five years ago.

It kind of feels a little strange sometimes that I now walk the same campus, walls and halls with a different, yet the same kind of lens. 

I heard a colleague say some time ago that it was a very good place for “capacity building”.  I know I was back in business school that instance – those ‘biz buzz words can only be as casually said in, yes, a biz school.  But he is right, when he said that.  There is a different kind of exhilaration when you are in the middle of where knowledge is discussed, created, every day.

I continue to be a student.  Only this time, the learning comes outside the classrooms.  But we are all students, aren’t we? 


Naki-daily prompt naman – deliver my stats pa rin :-D. Yay! internet connection!


If you wish to join the DP sharing of thoughts about school, check this out : http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/07/26/daily-prompt-mastery/


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