Photo Challenge Too : Unfinished (master)Piece


 Water. Color. Painting.  Mid-2000, a friend encouraged me to paint using watercolors.  My friend is a -pro.  Her paintings are beautiful. Watercolorfish – that is her mark in all of those lovely visions she created. She offered to give me personal lessons and I could not thank her enough.  She set me off with a list of things I will need and where I could find them.  She then taught me about light and shadows.  And bewitch was born.  But bewitch was shortlived.  I stopped.  Don’t know why.  I just stopped.

2012.  I see her again.  She tells me to pick up the brush once more and I did that Sunday morning  in her home.  She reminded me to open my eyes again to the light and the shadows.  With her encouragement, I started this piece, with the photo referenced out of a travel magazine.  And I started to work with colors again. For a few hours.  Then it was lunch time.  Time to go. 

The piece was unfinished, remains unfinished today.  This is my art, the sigh of my soul, the whisper of my spirit, the light and the shadow in my heart.  It has been like this since 2010.  Splashes of colors.  Stop.  Light. Shadows.  Art imitates Life.  Life imitates Art.

This is my (master)piece.  This is me.  Unfinished.

Naki-photo challenge to deliver my stats 😀


More pictures and sentiments are out there:


5 thoughts on “Photo Challenge Too : Unfinished (master)Piece

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