Music Mondays : I’ll See You In My Dreams (Joe Brown)



Music Mondays.   Something I hope to start, to be become a regular of the site.

Music has always been a part of my life.  I married someone who is in love with music and we raised a son whose days were likewise filled with music.  We sang songs together whenever we travel by car, we watch music videos during rainy days while eating M&M’s, we snuggle in bed with our favorite CD playing in the background.  Monday is a significant day, a day of wings.  Music Mondays.

Concert for George, a tribute concert organized by Eric Clapton for George Harrison after he passed on, was one of our favorite music videos.  I do not even recall how many times we have seen this together.  Towards the end of the concert, Joe Brown with his ukulele played “I’ll See You in my Dreams” – orange and yellow flower petals slowly falling from the ceiling of Albert Hall – falling like a sheer curtain in front of a huge black and white photo of George Harrison.  That part of the music video always brought tears to my eyes – without fail, regardless of how many times I have seen it.

Lonely days are long 

Twilight sings a song

All the happiness that used to be

Soon my eyes will close

Soon I’ll find repose

And in my dreams

You’re always near to me

I’ll see you in my dreams

Hold you in my dreams

Someone took you right out of my arms

Still I feel the thrill of your charms

Lips that once were mine

Tender eyes that shine

They will light my lonely way tonight

I’ll see you in my dreams . . .

Last 2010, music was one of the things that held me together.  And this song has taken on an even more intimate meaning since.


(Thank you to the owner of the attached photo)




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