The #birthdayclub : After Four Months


More than four months.  That is the time, more or less, that passed since #theCOMPLETEbirthdayclub’s last meeting.

That last meeting, if I recall (sa sobrang tagal so recall talaga, hahaha!) was held in in the same area – right next to this August 2013 meeting place.  (Please take note, the year is indicated.  That was intentional)

This get together is to celebrate Little Boy’s birthday.  The snub.  Yes, him.  Nah, this is really just an endearment.  I do love him.  We love him.  We did not even attempt to discuss “the snub”.  I guess we all really missed each other that we did not want to spend the whole evening making someone feel guilty (but that is our past time!)

But we did have a good time, as always.  Dinner with interesting conversation is always a good time.  It was a bit of a challenge though since we were seated in a long table.  It is hard to keep one decent conversation that way.  So the topics were all over the place – depending on where you wish to train your ears on.  Some boys were doing the logo quiz (hah!), there was talk about asthma and some other interesting stuff, I am sure. 

My trivia for the night was c/o Mr Home.  He says that you put six people together, you can have one conversation.  But add just one more, and you are sure to have at least two conversations going.  We were seven.  And yes, there were several conversations going on at the same time.  It wasn’t the long table?

I thought of introducing the characters of the #birthdayclub starting off with the birthday boy.  But that may be too long for this entry.  Maybe, another time. One #birthdayclub member at a time. Solo.  That would be interesting.

So for now, this is a log of a members-complete #birthdayclub meeting.  After four months or so from the last one. 

Missed everyone.  Yes, even the snub Little one, who I love and who everyone loves.  Belated Happy Birthday!

Apartment 1b. One Rockwell.  14 August 2013.


(Enjoying internet connection tonight, yay!)



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