Daily Prompt: These Feet Were Made for Walking #2

Daily Prompt: These Feet Were Made for Walking  #2

In keeping with today’s, my youngest and I went out for a short walk. From a chapel in Makati, we hit the pavement and walked a block to cross to a mall.

For today’s date, we made sure we wore our favorite walking wear. There goes “The Thumb” as our guest body part.  My, my, I told him, what big feet you have.   They used to be small ones I held in my hands to smell … now, not anymore!  (Himatay!)

Mommy & Baby Feet

Mommy & Baby Feet

When you walk,  look for the unusual — like music in the air ….

The Thumb approves again!

The Thumb approves again!

And the very unusual … an ambulant vendor in the middle of the upscale neighborhood park.

Manong shouting:  Tahoooooooooo!

Manong shouting: Tahoooooooooo!

And at the end of each trip,  say thanks you got there … and look forward to going Home.

Happy Sunday again, everyone!

Happy birthday, Ground!

For great fans of walking and all sorts of boots:



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