Cleaning Lady’s Gallery #3 – Absence from WP Explained

Cleaning Lady's Gallery #

Waaaaah!  Hey, Ground!  We lost one of our followers — must be because we don’t post regularly?  What do you think?   Was out for a short holiday (well, technically not really; work-related trip)  so the Cleaning Lady was on holiday too (read:  no chores this weekend).

This is one of the many sights at Cintai Corito, Balete, Batangas.  While it is primarily suited for rest,  I was not able to get any (repeat: work-related trip … inulit pa talaga ano? ).  Anyway,  I had free time early morning yesterday and took some pics.  Not sure if WP allows 360ds, but I took some to show the people at home and at work.

To our followers,  hope you like these two pics in the meantime …. Batangas 1

Until I have more time to write … just to write.

Happy weekend to all!




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