Weekly Photo Challenge: Cleaning Lady’s Lines, Patterns & Beauty


Call this her “Ode to Everyday Stuff” — the Cleaning Lady got stuck at home as it is (again!) raining cats and dogs over the weekend. Had to make do with common things for her response to this week’s Photo Challenge on Lines, Patterns & Beauty.

Bed linen, towels, curtains and even the lowly floor mat were just waiting to be discovered for their simple lines, color, detail and texture.




While taking these pictures, there is also this quiet sense of peace and gratitude that one is surrounded with the most common yet beloved of things. Bought with her hard-earned money or given by friends, her “stuff” earned her respect.


Details, like embroidery, make everyday things more “dramatic”.



Our walls have it, too —- lines, patterns & beauty. My firstborn’s uke joined today’s post and is striking a pose.


Salamat, stuff, for being here for my family and me. Happy weekend, everyone!

For other people’s take on Lines, Patterns & Beauty, click this: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/lines-patterns/.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Cleaning Lady’s Lines, Patterns & Beauty

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    • Salamat (Thanks in Filipino). The thing that makes them nice is that they are very ordinary stuff. We don’t notice them for their beauty on a daily basis. I got to appreciate them … all because of the Weekly Photo Challenge. I have another set — but this one is about ordinary things I saw when I finally got outside the house. Do visit my site again, Ryan.

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