Bottled Sunshine, Day 2

Yesterday, in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge, I attempted to post a gallery of 3 pictures, but did not know how to do so using my phone.

So as not to waste the pictures I took, allow me to share the recipe for Fat Flush Water, which I got from a bar near my workplace:

1/2 gallon water
1 grapefruit (1 lemon)
1 tangerine (1 orange)
1 large cucumber
10 – 20 peppermint leaves

Slice the grapefruit, tangerine and cucumber. Drop everything, including the peppermint leaves into a punch bowl. Serve with ice.

I tried a bit of the fat flush water and it is quite refreshing. Was not told how much, how often and for how long I should drink it for it to take effect.

For the meantime, am still into lemon water.

Happy Monday!

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