The 28 y.o. Bride and the Trinket

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The Starbucks bear pretending to be a frog was sitting on top of the bed … right in the center.

Not on his side of the bed … not on her side either.   The bear, they fondly called ‘Toti’, was wearing the bauble she admired at the drug store a few days back.  He got it for her.

She smiled.  Another cheap trinket to add to her collection.

Where, oh, where are the diamonds?

What should a 28 y.o. bride do to show appreciation?


She was starting to do well at the office.  He was happy for her.

He, on the other hand, was still trying to land a full-time job.

Their first born was a quiet, happy child. They shared a rat-hole of an apartment.  Happy, happy, happy. Theirs was like a low budget love story, with the occasional difficult times.

BTW, the low-budget love story is over.


It has been 28 years since Day 1.  What should a 28 y.o. bride (today is their anniversary) to do?

She is still at the same office.  He is mildly irritated by her job (long hours!)  The first born has four siblings (not as quiet, some happier than others).  They have invested in a rat-hole of a condo.  Happy, happy, happy on repeat mode.

She says a heart-felt prayer of thanks for the trinket and the hubby … and all the lovely, lovely years and the 5 kids in between.

It is a long running albeit still slightly low-budget love story.     Let it be so for years to come.


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