MUSIC FRIDAY : I’ll See You In My Dreams (Concert For George)



I have been away for a long time.  Two months is a long time.  My last post was Music Monday.  It would be just right if I will re-start with music, this time though, and only for this time, it will be Music Friday.

There are just some days during the year when I can’t breathe.  Today is one of them days.

We remember.  Today.  Everyday.  Every heartbeat.  We remember.

Lonely days are long
Twilight sings a song
All the happiness that used to be

Soon my eyes will close
Soon I’ll find repose
And in dreams
You’re always near to me

I’ll see you in my dreams
Hold you in my dreams
Someone took you right out of my arms
Still I feel the thrill of your charms

Lips that once were mine
Tender eyes that shine
They will light my way tonight

I’ll see you in my dreams

Lips that once were mine
Tender eyes that shine
They will light my way tonight
I’ll see you in my dreams

They will light my lonely way tonight
I’ll…see you in my dreams

LOVE always.


 Dear Home,

Thank you for keeping our site up and updated.  Can’t promise I will not disappear again.  But I will always come back – that is a promise.  I will still run away.  I will still escape.  I will still hide.  I will still wander.  Maybe until the end of my days.

Hope you and Mr G are enjoying the A break 


The Cleaning Lady loves PH: When Shopping in Manila


Mabuhay!  Shopping in Manila? Drop by Kultura for quality goods and souvenirs.
Don’t you just love Smiley?  He shows a sample of the smiles you will get when you visit our country.  If you are Pinoy and looking at this blog,  please repost for sharing.  Salamat.


Hola, Ground!

I started my Christmas shopping already … was on a look out for canvas bags to promote recycling, instead of using plastic bags and got a lot with the theme Philippines.

We went light shopping at SM Aura and enjoyed looking at the wonderful, beautiful stuff (Proudly made in the Philippines) at Kultura. They are now bedecked with Christmas décor, including placemats, napkins with matching rings. G3 and I also looked at the jewelry section.

We should arrange for a weekend shopping spree. Hope you get a new ISP so you can go back to writing soon.

Missing you,

Origin Story >> The Other Half


Why did you start your blog? Is that still why you blog, or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned?

2011.  It was a milestone year for Home and myself.  I figured we should do something, anything that will mark the milestone.  Yes, we shared journals, traded journals in the past (it seems so very long ago).  This time around, in keeping with the times — why not an online journal?  And From Ground to Home was born.   

I ended up being Ground because our home is a one storey structure.  Home’s new home was several floors above ground.  We started out with from Ground to the Third.  Said, nah!  Eventually settled with From Ground to Home – physical locations of where we live, which we then took to be from me to her.  And I think as we continue, is starting to take on some other meanings.

Throwback 2002.  This was the time when we started our first shared journal.  We called her Day (we named all of our shared journals).  I cannot recall why we named her Day. I am the keeper of Day.  She rests in this beautiful red satin pouch, silently leaning in a quiet area in my clothes cabinet.  She is the only one of our journals that was filled up from the first to last the page. 

During that time, we were talking about having a magazine column (ambisyosas!) : C & E – Conversations and Exchanges (the letters also happen to be the first letters of our nick names).  Or maybe MW & RB.  You still remember what those letters stand for right, Home?!

Same reason.  I also continue to write because I likewise enjoy it.  I am not as prolific and spontaneous as Home though.  I take time (obvious ba? hahaha).

And Home, I like the new theme.  2011 it is! 

I hope you like the collage, Home.  That’s the other thing that is keeping my time – scrapbooking 🙂 Electronically.  In keeping up with the times.  



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Daily Prompt: Origin Story >>> Home’s Version


Why did you start your blog? Is that still why you blog, or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned?

<Aug 5. I will insert a picture here.  Promise!>

The Bare Wall When this Blog Started

<Aug 9. Kept my promise!  Here’s the Before Home picture.>

Ground and I used to have shared journals, She wrote stuff then I wrote stuff.  We traded the journals and stopped because … oh, I don’t remember why.   It would seem that I wrote a great deal more often than she did.  It’s not that I had more time, but maybe because I enjoy writing more than she does.

It was her idea to try WordPress — she opened the account, chose the title and in this format From (her) to (me).  I chose Home since at the time we started, I was waiting for our condo building to get done and was excited to turn the space into a “home”.  I moved to my new place but not “home” yet. In due time, I guess we will get there.

Ground also chose the initial theme which was Bold (now I forget its actual name and tamad to look for it)  and just to surprise her,  I changed the theme to Twenty Eleven (which was when we started this blog).

The reason I write has remained the same:  I enjoy it a great deal.  I am your everyday storyteller.  I don’t write about a specific topic.  I write to write.

As I’ve said in our “About”, there shall be hits and misses, pretty much like Life.

I think this is all I have to say about our Origin Story.  Half of it at least.

Here's the Now Home! Added a pantry, ref and a director's chair.

Here’s the Now Home! Added a pantry, ref and a director’s chair.


Hey, Ground!  Your turn.

Happy Monday, everyone.


I know I am 3 days late.  I’ve been busy.  Okay, I’m trying to look busy.   Okay, the truth is I’m a bit hooked on Andoku 2.   Others have written their pieces and would like to share them with you here at

Daily Prompt Too : Back to School >>> I am in School!

I am in school – I have been back since 12 years or so ago!  Does not necessarily mean I am back in the classroom though (OK, sometimes back in the classroom too).

Yes, the same business school where we met – my dearest and closest friends.  Home for two years twenty five years ago.

It kind of feels a little strange sometimes that I now walk the same campus, walls and halls with a different, yet the same kind of lens. 

I heard a colleague say some time ago that it was a very good place for “capacity building”.  I know I was back in business school that instance – those ‘biz buzz words can only be as casually said in, yes, a biz school.  But he is right, when he said that.  There is a different kind of exhilaration when you are in the middle of where knowledge is discussed, created, every day.

I continue to be a student.  Only this time, the learning comes outside the classrooms.  But we are all students, aren’t we? 


Naki-daily prompt naman – deliver my stats pa rin :-D. Yay! internet connection!


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Photo Challenge Too : Unfinished (master)Piece


 Water. Color. Painting.  Mid-2000, a friend encouraged me to paint using watercolors.  My friend is a -pro.  Her paintings are beautiful. Watercolorfish – that is her mark in all of those lovely visions she created. She offered to give me personal lessons and I could not thank her enough.  She set me off with a list of things I will need and where I could find them.  She then taught me about light and shadows.  And bewitch was born.  But bewitch was shortlived.  I stopped.  Don’t know why.  I just stopped.

2012.  I see her again.  She tells me to pick up the brush once more and I did that Sunday morning  in her home.  She reminded me to open my eyes again to the light and the shadows.  With her encouragement, I started this piece, with the photo referenced out of a travel magazine.  And I started to work with colors again. For a few hours.  Then it was lunch time.  Time to go. 

The piece was unfinished, remains unfinished today.  This is my art, the sigh of my soul, the whisper of my spirit, the light and the shadow in my heart.  It has been like this since 2010.  Splashes of colors.  Stop.  Light. Shadows.  Art imitates Life.  Life imitates Art.

This is my (master)piece.  This is me.  Unfinished.

Naki-photo challenge to deliver my stats 😀


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This Evening called FRIDAY

Friday. Friday. Thank God, it’s Friday.

Did you just sing that line?  I know you did. 

W.E.E.K.E.N.D … the problem with it is its shortness.  However, if it becomes a never-ending one, it may lose its novelty.

Gone will be the planning on what to do as soon as work is done and chores end.

Gone will be the thinking of options of places to go to and of fun things to do.

What to drink what to drink what to drink …. (weekends put this on repeat mode). 

Then there is also the downside.  Like tonight, I put out too much for the weekdays, am so tired to even do anything.  We had to have dance music on (80s so you have to imagine how bad it has gone …) just to keep me awake. To. write. this.

Funky Town.  When was the last time were you there?

Macarena —- do you have the right moves?  Too many arms moving ….

Best of my Love …. enough.  Sweet dreams now ….

Hope this is better than HA HA HA.  Aint a very good joke teller.

OK …. parting shot >>> For the Pinoys out there:

Q:  Ah, mukha ba akong pumayat?

             A:  Ah, mukha ba akong timbangan?

Sabi ko naman kasi tigilan na.  Nighty-night.




I am still enjoying dancing to the Best of My Love, hahaha!

Now its Fantasy!  Waaaah, 80s talaga!

Enough, enough.  Almost midnight. Have to head home.  I turn into a pumpkin at midnight. Hahaha.

It was a tough week for me too.  But this Friday evening more than made up for it.  What more can I ask for? Chocnut cake. 80s music.  More importantly, the company of my friend Home in their new heaven.

Salamat Home for adopting me this evening.  Muah!