Hi, Ground and to everyone! They say sharing is caring … so here goes.

My sister posted this on my Facebook wall … and while I am a Nicolas Page fan — I am a bigger fan of the Philippine Eagle.  Kudos to BuzzFeed for this post —- the Philippine Eagle demands attention — and rightly, it should.  Look at those eyes!

To be awed by it seems to be the only option.  Mabuhay ang Philippine Eagle!


PS: This Weekly Photo Challenge is baaaaad for me =) You give me a week and I just might post a lot of pictures. Happy Sunday, everyone.

More pictures shared via DP:


I love windows. Do you? #4


I take pictures of windows, inside and out. This one was taken in one of the old churches, Miag-ao Church, a UNESCO Heritage Site, in Iloilo City. The window has seen better days for sure, but it still called my attention due to the detail of its design. Hope you come visit my country.

Just doing my bit of promoting tourism for the Philippines …
One window at a time.