Weekly Photo Challenge > Carefree Cleaning Lady’s Gallery #1



It’s raining cats and dogs (so hard that pet shop seems a better description) here in Manila so it’s kind of cold.  Am not an ice cream person but today I felt like screaming for ice cream.

There it was the last scoop, waiting just for me, me, ME!   Its flavor was coffee mangosteen — from Magnolia’s Best of the Philippines collection and Davao’s pride. That’s another shameless plug for my country.  If you have it in your locality, you should try it.

Ang sarap! I ♥ it!

P.S. If you are not familiar with mangosteen — just Google it. (Tamad ako!)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree at Playtime


Nothing shows carefree best than kids at play. This was taken during a game of my nephews and sons. They are competing and yet look at the smiles on their faces. How we wish they stay this way forever.
Happy weekend, everyone!

Thanks to my niece Ella for sharing this picture with the family and now with you.

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