Cleaning Lady’s Gallery #2 New Curtains



For our home inventory, I wanted to document our new curtains (which I manually sew to shorten to desired length) and while I was trying to get the best angle and coaching the couch to smile (REALLY!), sneaky youngest son got ready to be included in the picture. Since phonecam was on multiple shot mode, this was caught.

Pretty neat, huh!

Taking this oppty to encourage everyone to use environmental sacks or do called ecobags. Two were sitting on our coffee table. These are made of canvas, and which while hard to clean (heavy material), are very sturdy ones. Great for heavy grocery cans.

That’s the cleaning lady’s bit for this week. What’s yours?

Happy long weekend, Pilipinas!



I love windows. Do you? #2


I love Windows. Do you?  #2

This was taken about 2 and a half years ago. I like taking stolen pictures of my kids and this is one of my favorites. My youngest was looking out of the diner’s window and enjoying the cool weather at Baguio.
I wonder what he was thinking of.
I wished he had shared it so this story could have been longer.

Scene 10. The Treasure.

She was all of 5 years, but she seemed to have the wisdom of the old.

She thought that her favorite mug Muggy “died”, for it had lost its handle and could no longer be safe for use, or so said Mommy. She felt very sad — partly because it was Mommy’s fault. If only Mommy had taken good care of her mug, it would still be here today.

So she thought of burying it in their garden. It was after all broken, like some of the people whose wakes she had gone to with her mother. They were like dolls, you couldn’t play with anymore.

So off she went to their garden to find a nice spot for her mug and using her little plastic shovel, she started to dig a hole. Would Muggy like to be placed in a box or join Mother Earth as dust, she wondered? She decided that Muggy deserved a proper burial so she placed it in her old shoe box.

She decided that it was going to be a private ceremony, so she would have to play the role of the priest and the bereaved. No point in inviting Mommy to join as she wasn’t close to her mug.

Her eulogy went: If only Mommy had taken good care of you, Muggy … but I forgive her. I love you, Muggy. May you be taken to the Heaven along with all the other mugs Mommy and the rest of the mommies broke. If I broke you, you would know it was an accident. I will never ever, ever, ever forget you.

Three days later, Mommy got her a new mug. Muggy was forgotten. Forever.