Mina’s Coffee

Made my Saturday morning … shortly before I got my cup of coffee — brewed by my husband, served by my firstborn and with a warm hello from the Lord by way of this story.

The Silver Leaf Journal

Morning, hot and golden, had broken over the horizon about an hour earlier. Mina had risen, showered and dressed and headed out into the warren of alleys and passages of the bazaar. These spaces in between were, like the negative space in a painting, born of the room left empty between stalls.

It was shady and dark in there, though already hot, as she moved anonymously along among the men and women and children, crushing and heaving and smelling of stale spices and sand and sweat in their multicoloured throng.

She passed piles of rugs, scarves, pottery and pots, gold and silver and gemstones and mirrors. She twisted and turned,  moving through tables that held bowls upon bowls of ground powders in reds and browns and golds and blacks, their sweet and sour and spicy aromas mingling and lifting into the sky to temporarily block out the stench of humanity.

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Daily Prompt: Served with Gratitude


Nothing beats being served with gratitude. We were given a generous serving of cake at Italianni’s, BGC (our regular go-to place for Italian fare). The cake was served in a big plate, with the word “Grazie” (in chocolate syrup, yes!) on it. Added calories —- yeah — but a nice touch.
I am employed in the customer service business so the gesture was much appreciated.
Shared with friends, it was a delightful way to end a meal. Burp!


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Daily Prompt: What a Twist! >>> The Check List


Tell us a story — fiction or non-fiction — with a twist we can’t see coming.

5 AM.

Woke up early.  Good!

Crisp white shirt.  Gray slacks.  1 inch heels.   Not bad!

No time from breakfast.  Maybe later get a latte.

Change routine — walk to work instead of taking the bus.  Good idea.

Ok … Check.

5:45 AM.

15 minutes ahead of sked.  Great!

Keys in the pocket. Lock the door.  Check.

Man, am I ready for this presentation.  Check.

6:00 AM.

Smile at the cute barista.  Will try to get his number tomorrow.

No today.  No time!!!!   Tomorrow.  Listed —- with exclamation point for To Do List.

Oh my, here he comes.   Leave in 5 minutes or you will be late.

6:15 AM.

I am late.  Damn this stopping for a latte and a cute guy.

The operative word is cute.

Ok.  Tomorrow?  Again?  Yes! Yes! Yes!  …. now cross the street.

God, I forgot to look before I did.



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Daily Prompt: These Feet Were Made for Walking #2


Daily Prompt: These Feet Were Made for Walking  #2

In keeping with today’s, my youngest and I went out for a short walk. From a chapel in Makati, we hit the pavement and walked a block to cross to a mall.

For today’s date, we made sure we wore our favorite walking wear. There goes “The Thumb” as our guest body part.  My, my, I told him, what big feet you have.   They used to be small ones I held in my hands to smell … now, not anymore!  (Himatay!)

Mommy & Baby Feet

Mommy & Baby Feet

When you walk,  look for the unusual — like music in the air ….

The Thumb approves again!

The Thumb approves again!

And the very unusual … an ambulant vendor in the middle of the upscale neighborhood park.

Manong shouting:  Tahoooooooooo!

Manong shouting: Tahoooooooooo!

And at the end of each trip,  say thanks you got there … and look forward to going Home.

Happy Sunday again, everyone!

Happy birthday, Ground!

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Daily Prompt: These Feet Were Made for Walking #1


Daily Prompt: These Feet Were Made for Walking

Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes, and where they’ve taken you.
Photographers, artists, poets: show us WALK.


Walking is my only form of exercise. I am not much of a trekker, so I usually straight paths, walk pavements and beaches than mountains, hills or anything requiring much thought. (For Pinoys out there, thinking goes: Matatalisod kaya ako? Mahuhulog sa bangin? Made-dead kapag nahulog ako kasi mababagok ulo ko? Pansinin ninyo yung kutsara sa sand hehe feeling shovel.)

So these feet were made for walking beaches.
No foots … toes on the sand type of walking.
Use your imagination —- just how soft and cool the sand of Boracay is.
Imagine all those footprints washed away by the sea. Gone in seconds.
The enjoyment stayed on as memories.

Footprints in the Sand

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Happy birthday, Ground!

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Daily Prompt: The Full Moon >>> My Inner Mermaid


When the full moon happens, you turn into a person who’s the opposite of who you normally are. Describe this new you.

I do not become a different person, I transform.  Not Exactly Ariel-Pretty, I selected the truest image I can find. On a full moon, I become a mermaid. I become perfect. The real me cannot swim. I am afraid to die.

I wonder if the mermaid can dream. Because if it can’t … then I would just rather be me. Full moon or not.

It’s still raining cats and dogs in Manila.
I can’t swim so I am staying indoors.

For photo credits: Salamat to http://www.fanpop.com.
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Daily Prompt: Procrastination >>> You’ve Got Mail from me!


There you go … doing this postcard actually proves the point.
Now, I can get to my chores.

Have a nice week, guys!

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