This Evening called FRIDAY

Friday. Friday. Thank God, it’s Friday.

Did you just sing that line?  I know you did. 

W.E.E.K.E.N.D … the problem with it is its shortness.  However, if it becomes a never-ending one, it may lose its novelty.

Gone will be the planning on what to do as soon as work is done and chores end.

Gone will be the thinking of options of places to go to and of fun things to do.

What to drink what to drink what to drink …. (weekends put this on repeat mode). 

Then there is also the downside.  Like tonight, I put out too much for the weekdays, am so tired to even do anything.  We had to have dance music on (80s so you have to imagine how bad it has gone …) just to keep me awake. To. write. this.

Funky Town.  When was the last time were you there?

Macarena —- do you have the right moves?  Too many arms moving ….

Best of my Love …. enough.  Sweet dreams now ….

Hope this is better than HA HA HA.  Aint a very good joke teller.

OK …. parting shot >>> For the Pinoys out there:

Q:  Ah, mukha ba akong pumayat?

             A:  Ah, mukha ba akong timbangan?

Sabi ko naman kasi tigilan na.  Nighty-night.




I am still enjoying dancing to the Best of My Love, hahaha!

Now its Fantasy!  Waaaah, 80s talaga!

Enough, enough.  Almost midnight. Have to head home.  I turn into a pumpkin at midnight. Hahaha.

It was a tough week for me too.  But this Friday evening more than made up for it.  What more can I ask for? Chocnut cake. 80s music.  More importantly, the company of my friend Home in their new heaven.

Salamat Home for adopting me this evening.  Muah!