Good Morning … What’s your name again?

ikabodNonoy Marcelo

I was having coffee (before 8am today;  time is an important element here:  the earlier it is, the more muddled my thoughts are) when I decided to greet myself good morning. Just a quiet greeting, not the loud kind that can compete with “I’m the King of the World“.   It is a very old greeting I used in the good “young” days (when my age did not merit a ‘po’ or ‘ho’) —- but the problem is I could not SPELL the last word of the greeting.  In my head is a mouse (whose name I cannot also recall) saying :  Good morning, Miawok!   The greeting was from the old comics strip, Nonoy Marcelo’s Tisoy.

Thanks to Google, my old mind said.  Go research for the mouse (even get an image!) and the missing name.  Unfortunately,  I went only so far to short references for  Nonoy Marcelo, Tisoy and Icabod Bubwit  (there you go, I now have a mouse, no relation to my Logitech).

Unfortunately, (o siya medyo tinamad ako),  I only went so far as Wikipedia can bring me (did not expand or go to too many links —- too early in the morning) and saw pictures of Nonoy Marcelo, who is the brother of my high school teacher.  I smiled when I saw his picture (which I will reproduce here and I shall acknowledge all who ones the pictures) —- feeling close, because we are within less than 6 degrees of separation type of relationship).  Ako – si Ma’am – si Sir Nonoy.  O di ba?  (Maybe, later in life, I can tell you about a similar thing with a former US president).

It reminded me of all the Tisoy comics strips I’ve enjoyed in the 80s … but couldn’t find any reference to the bully cat to whom the greeting was addressed a gazillion times before. It was in the mid-80s that I used this line “Good morning, Miyawok? Miawok?” (definitely not Mhiawhok … or Miawokh) to greet my boss. No matter what mood he was in (mostly dark to very dark), I’d say the same thing.  It accorded me a semblance of good communication between supervisor and slave at that time,  a momentary assurance that the day would go well (no matter what).  Eventually, in the corporate world,  I also learned that there are good days, then there are not so good days.  Just learn to forget the really, really bad ones.

My boss and I have parted ways for about more than 10 years already … and we parted as friends and to this day, continue to comfort each other during our low points with an exchange of jokes (his are mostly green, I wonder why) or memories of such happy, happy times when he was Miyawok? Miawok? and I was his Ikabod.
BTW, he never called me Ikabod —- to this day, his endearment is Grasshopper, in reference to Kung Fu’s David Carradine and to his Bald Master (feeling lang?) role in my life.  So knowing what you know about me,  pray tell me, if I am more of a rodent or an insect.

Such happy, happy mornings. Despite his occasional dark moods. Even on his very dark days. Even on my looney ones.

So now tell me … how is it spelled? Miyawok? Miawok?

An old, forgetful one, I have become. Too happy though to check out Google. This early in the morning.
Maybe later in life.

Happy weekend, everyone.

Photo credits: (L-R) Ikabod Komiks, PhP5 fun in Dagalandia,  salamat kay;  that’s the genius Mr.  Nonoy, brother of my former adviser and teacher Mrs. Emiliana Pascual, salamat sa