Hi, Ground and to everyone! They say sharing is caring … so here goes.

My sister posted this on my Facebook wall … and while I am a Nicolas Page fan — I am a bigger fan of the Philippine Eagle.  Kudos to BuzzFeed for this post —- the Philippine Eagle demands attention — and rightly, it should.  Look at those eyes!

To be awed by it seems to be the only option.  Mabuhay ang Philippine Eagle!


PS: This Weekly Photo Challenge is baaaaad for me =) You give me a week and I just might post a lot of pictures. Happy Sunday, everyone.

More pictures shared via DP:


Weekly Photo Challenge : The Golden Hour at Boracay


Some sunsets leave you speechless.
Breathless. May everyone be blessed to have such a sunset.
P.S. Earlier, I posted a picture that was a “sad sunrise” so just to balance things, I am sharing this one, too.
Have a great weekend, guys!

Weekly Photo Challenge : The Golden Hour


Weekly Photo Challenge : The Golden Hour

This was taken during the early hours of New Year’s Day 2010 (2011? I forget), a view from our kitchen window. The sun was unhappy because of the smog caused by the previous night’s revelry. The general mood of place did not improve the sun’s disposition since it was a holiday and there were no workers (all drunk?) in the shipyard, that was usually abuzz with activity.

This picture belongs in my happy-kinda-sad folder of pictures.

Happy weekend, everyone!