Weekly Photo Challenge: Let there be light


Weekly Photo Challenge: Let there be light Yolanda (International Name Typhoon Haiyan) took my muse … I got it back today.

Christmas is just around the corner.

Filipinos will celebrate it, no matter what state we are in.

Maagang Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat.


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Weekly Photo Challenge : Horizon


Horizon. The space or line where the sky meets the earth. So many places where the sky meets the earth around the world, and millions of interactions between two elements. It can be water, a city skyline, a forest, a wasteland, a desert, a sunset outside your bedroom window. Is there a particular horizon which speaks to you?

There are several ways of looking at the word horizon.   Wiki says that it is the “apparent line that separates earth from sky, the line that divides all visible directions into two categories: those that intersect the Earth’s surface, and those that do not. At many locations, the true horizon is obscured by trees, buildings, mountains, etc., and the resulting intersection of earth and sky is called the visible horizon.”

I took it as a division — still between the earth and the sky … plus between being tired and getting the rest we need.

Hope the pictures deliver the message somehow.

Being a weekend, I wish everyone gets enough sleep and downtime.  Happy weekend to all!

Advanced Happy H, too!


P.S.  For other great horizon pictures, click on this link:



Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning Bottled Sunshine


Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning, Bottled Sunshine!

We all start our days in different ways: going for a run, hitting snooze 17 times, or watching the morning news, among many, many others.

6 October 2013.  No sunrise to take a picture of so I got me the next best thing.  This was supposed to be a gallery — but have yet to learn how to do that …. 

Good morning to all!




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Daily Prompt: A House Divided >>> Should I or should I not do the DP?

Pick a divisive issue currently in the news. Write a two-part post in which you take on two personas and approach the topic from both sides. Bonus points for a creative format (roundtable discussion, debate transcript, etc.).


Part 1 by Self:  Should not! 

This is a difficult DP challenge.  I hardly read the news nor catch it in the boob tube.   Most news in Manila depress me and I only pick up the papers to scan the entertainment news and the cartoons.    Hmm … am thinking about doing one about the SONA, but I still have to read about it …  Aww, but it’s too long and from what I hear … it’s boooooring!

Or … we can argue on who had the best terno but I should be the one saying:  Hands down,  it’s Heart Evangelista’s  … second person has to root for someone else.  I like her gown, but I don’t like her date.  LOLs!

But … you call that news?

Hmmm  …  also there is this issue as to who I’d do a “pretend argument” with?  I would certainly want to win.

End of story.  Next DP, please.



Part 2 by Other Self:  You should do the DP! 

DIFFICULT?  That’s the point of the exercise, dummy.  C’mon … c’mon … pick up the topic.  NOW na!

That you hardly read the news?  Okay, I can’t argue with you on this one.  Boob tube?  My, my?!  Who still uses this to describe the I(diot)box (it’s so 70s!) ?  Not I, said the pig.  I do remember that you watch the news before dinner from time to time.  Why not watch the news just for this DP?  While it irritates you no end on how the anchors deliver the news,  suffer a bit for this DP.   Get going now! 

That most news in Manila can depress some folks is  a true statement.  Can’t argue with you here either.   While you do pick up the paper during your coffee break, you just read the showbiz chismis, trying to figure out the blind item (and you, my dear, are certainly not good at it).  

That it was a long SONA is also true —- an hour and 44  (Ref: www.philstar.com).  Not sure about the boooooring! part since someone (again, it’s Not I, said the pig!)   here does not want to read. Why not ask  someone to give you the highlights and let’s argue about it until we turn blue.

Your alternate proposed topic is also not a good idea because like you, I loooooooooooooooove  Heart’s terno too. 

And more importantly,  I also I don’t like her date.  Double LOLs! 

Given that … let’s do skip this one and just play billiards.  Or you can think of a possible third topic.  Now na!


Postscript :  Self and Other Self settled to leave the House Divided.

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Salamat to www.remate.ph and www.gmanetwork.com  for their pictures, which were used for this post.  With good pictures like yours,  I should at least LOOK at the news in pictures.

Happy weekend, everyone.