Weekly Photo Challenge : One >>> The Stare


One Dog

Every good photograph needs a focal point. It’s the thing that draws the viewer’s eye and tells the story.

Meet Kira, with her look of unconditional love.  Nothing beats that.


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Cleaning Lady’s Gallery #3 – Absence from WP Explained


Cleaning Lady's Gallery #

Waaaaah!  Hey, Ground!  We lost one of our followers — must be because we don’t post regularly?  What do you think?   Was out for a short holiday (well, technically not really; work-related trip)  so the Cleaning Lady was on holiday too (read:  no chores this weekend).

This is one of the many sights at Cintai Corito, Balete, Batangas.  While it is primarily suited for rest,  I was not able to get any (repeat: work-related trip … inulit pa talaga ano? ).  Anyway,  I had free time early morning yesterday and took some pics.  Not sure if WP allows 360ds, but I took some to show the people at home and at work.

To our followers,  hope you like these two pics in the meantime …. Batangas 1

Until I have more time to write … just to write.

Happy weekend to all!



Cleaning Lady’s Gallery #2 New Curtains



For our home inventory, I wanted to document our new curtains (which I manually sew to shorten to desired length) and while I was trying to get the best angle and coaching the couch to smile (REALLY!), sneaky youngest son got ready to be included in the picture. Since phonecam was on multiple shot mode, this was caught.

Pretty neat, huh!

Taking this oppty to encourage everyone to use environmental sacks or do called ecobags. Two were sitting on our coffee table. These are made of canvas, and which while hard to clean (heavy material), are very sturdy ones. Great for heavy grocery cans.

That’s the cleaning lady’s bit for this week. What’s yours?

Happy long weekend, Pilipinas!


Weekly Photo Challenge > Carefree Cleaning Lady’s Gallery #1



It’s raining cats and dogs (so hard that pet shop seems a better description) here in Manila so it’s kind of cold.  Am not an ice cream person but today I felt like screaming for ice cream.

There it was the last scoop, waiting just for me, me, ME!   Its flavor was coffee mangosteen — from Magnolia’s Best of the Philippines collection and Davao’s pride. That’s another shameless plug for my country.  If you have it in your locality, you should try it.

Ang sarap! I ♥ it!

P.S. If you are not familiar with mangosteen — just Google it. (Tamad ako!)

P.P.S. I decided to add this as another carefree post. See more here: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/08/16/photo-challenge-carefree/