Daily Prompt: Reading Material >>> Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Please


How do you pick what blogs or books to read? What’s the one thing that will get you to pick up a book or click on a link every single time?

Orange is the New Black

If I were to write why a book gets to be my pick from say, a stack in a store —- then these are the top 6 reasons (and I use just 3 books to drive home my point — if there is even one):

1.  The cover said Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Please (this explains the title of this post)  —- could have been the title … or the picture on the cover (yeah, I am a highly visual person — I have tons of baaaadly written books with oh-so-nice covers).  I picked up Piper Kerman’s Orange is the New Black (it was laying around in our room) because the picture caught my attention.  Hmmm, nice shoes — are those espadrilles?  (Are they? Who knows?)   Yes, orange espadrilles are more interesting than black ones.  Just like that, my curiosity is piqued.

I also picked up Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project for the same reason. I got her second book for some other reason.   Until I wrote this post, I didn’t know that Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club had a lot of interesting covers (more than 6!)  I have included a picture of the one we have at home.  I don’t think our copy has the best cover and  I had to get it for someone’s book review project.

2.  Not only was the cover catchy, its title echoed Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Please —- I had to find out why orange is the new black (ohh, someone had to go to prison),  whose happiness we are charting (it’s Gretchen’s!)  and how one gets into the JL Club (OK, old Chinese women with daughters.  Am not qualified).   Once I get the reason behind the title,  then I may or may not buy it …  if I cannot get it from the excerpts printed on the interesting enough cover, it goes back to the pile of books … bye-bye!

3.  So interesting cover —- catchy title …. the book moves on from the Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Please stage to the next one:  You have 5 Minutes to get me to Buy You stage.   I start to read blurbs  and statements that start with “Praise for ….” by  the Blah-Blah-Blah Book Review.

The Joy Luck Club

Take this for example:  In 1949 (OK not too long ago, people live in houses already, no dinosaurs) four Chinese (OK, ancestors, possibly related to Mulan, interesting enough) women …. eat dimsum (yum yum), play mahjong (my grandma’s favorite pastime) and talk (OK, I like to talk) … call themselves the Joy Luck Club.  

Beautifully Written … A Jewel of a Book – The New York Times Book Review.

Good enough.  Minimum requirements met.

4.  Then, there’s checking if it is related to an earlier book … if it’s not, good!   No back reading required.

5.  Next and quite importantly,  I prefer big font (look for the BIG READ logo on the front cover) —-  also, books that are thinner than my dictionary, thus light-weight  and hopefully may fit in my handbag.

6.   Do I do The price is right routine?  Occasionally, but not really.  I have pretty expensive books — hardbound ones (like my copies of Rubin’s books — and I got stickers with my name handwritten by her …. yes, all the way from her desk!   My sister got me the book labels.)

The Happiness Project

So given all these reasons ….. what happened when I picked up the book which had Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J. K. Rowling on it?   The kid got a scar on his forehead … not an interesting drawing, not in my favorite colors … no one’s book report assignment ….  mmmm, no, thanks.

Enough said.


I have a Kindle (a gift) … it has an orange sleeve.  I have not picked it up at all.

Sadly, it’s collecting dust.   I love books — honest-to-goodness books.


This is a delayed reaction to http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/10/02/daily-prompt-choices/  as I only get to write on weekends now.  Busy now, though not necessarily reading books.   What about you?

For photo credits:   They aren’t mine … I got them from the web.  If I have time, I will take a picture of my copies of the books, all in a row.

Happy weekend, everyone!  I saw Ground tonight —- but she said she is still busy and has not been writing any posts —- grrrr!


Cleaning Lady’s Gallery #3 – Absence from WP Explained


Cleaning Lady's Gallery #

Waaaaah!  Hey, Ground!  We lost one of our followers — must be because we don’t post regularly?  What do you think?   Was out for a short holiday (well, technically not really; work-related trip)  so the Cleaning Lady was on holiday too (read:  no chores this weekend).

This is one of the many sights at Cintai Corito, Balete, Batangas.  While it is primarily suited for rest,  I was not able to get any (repeat: work-related trip … inulit pa talaga ano? ).  Anyway,  I had free time early morning yesterday and took some pics.  Not sure if WP allows 360ds, but I took some to show the people at home and at work.

To our followers,  hope you like these two pics in the meantime …. Batangas 1

Until I have more time to write … just to write.

Happy weekend to all!



Daily Prompt: These Feet Were Made for Walking #2


Daily Prompt: These Feet Were Made for Walking  #2

In keeping with today’s, my youngest and I went out for a short walk. From a chapel in Makati, we hit the pavement and walked a block to cross to a mall.

For today’s date, we made sure we wore our favorite walking wear. There goes “The Thumb” as our guest body part.  My, my, I told him, what big feet you have.   They used to be small ones I held in my hands to smell … now, not anymore!  (Himatay!)

Mommy & Baby Feet

Mommy & Baby Feet

When you walk,  look for the unusual — like music in the air ….

The Thumb approves again!

The Thumb approves again!

And the very unusual … an ambulant vendor in the middle of the upscale neighborhood park.

Manong shouting:  Tahoooooooooo!

Manong shouting: Tahoooooooooo!

And at the end of each trip,  say thanks you got there … and look forward to going Home.

Happy Sunday again, everyone!

Happy birthday, Ground!

For great fans of walking and all sorts of boots:


Daily Prompt: These Feet Were Made for Walking #1


Daily Prompt: These Feet Were Made for Walking

Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes, and where they’ve taken you.
Photographers, artists, poets: show us WALK.


Walking is my only form of exercise. I am not much of a trekker, so I usually straight paths, walk pavements and beaches than mountains, hills or anything requiring much thought. (For Pinoys out there, thinking goes: Matatalisod kaya ako? Mahuhulog sa bangin? Made-dead kapag nahulog ako kasi mababagok ulo ko? Pansinin ninyo yung kutsara sa sand hehe feeling shovel.)

So these feet were made for walking beaches.
No foots … toes on the sand type of walking.
Use your imagination —- just how soft and cool the sand of Boracay is.
Imagine all those footprints washed away by the sea. Gone in seconds.
The enjoyment stayed on as memories.

Footprints in the Sand

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Happy birthday, Ground!

For great fans of walking and all sorts of boots:

WANDERINGS : Welcome to my Garden



Cloudy still but we decided to take the trip one Friday morning – to one of our favorite places 😀

“Welcome to my Garden” – this from a tile that greets everyone.  This garden relaxes my heart, flowers and plants everywhere, softly cascading water on glass walls.  The crisp white linen with dainty embroidered flowers covering old wood furniture never fails to make me smile.   The multi-colored crystal chandeliers seem to perpetually twinkle from above as we dined.  French love songs softly play in the background.  The place is a feast for my spirit.  If only for these, I will always find my way back to the Garden.

But the Garden is also a feast for the hungry.  There is no menu.  No rice, no meat – first timers are politely told.  The meal starts off with freshly squeezed dalandan juice (talk about pulpbits!), bottomless, by the way. 

Really fresh salad next – everything grown in the Garden.  I am not exactly a salad person, but I cannot get over the salad in the Garden.  I don’t know, maybe it is because of the beautiful colored edible flowers that peek out of the green lettuce in the bowl,  maybe it is the secret Garden dressing,  maybe it is the lightly salted crispy pine nuts, I don’t know.  But what I do know is that I would be perfectly happy with just the salad alone.

Then there is freshly baked warm soft bread with five or so bread partners – anchovies, green olives, black olives, I don’t recall the other two.  But bread with any of these partners makes me smile and sigh at the same time.

But that is not all!  Pasta (al dente!), fresh tomato sauce (naturally sweet, oh my!), salmon belly, capers follow.  And dessert, let us not forget dessert – caramelized sweet potato and banana turon with langka.  I smile some more.

The meal is capped off by hot water with tarragon leaves.  I sigh happily. 

And the meal is “eat-all-you-can”!  But really, your senses (and tummy) are full on the first round.

The Garden is also a Bed and Breakfast (we promised to spend one night there, one of these days).  It has a Panaderia whose smell brings back childhood memories of a neighborhood bread store and tucked in one of its garden locations is a Spa and an organic store.

It is a beautiful place.  A place to slow down.  A place to dine differently. A place that makes the heart warm and happy.

We will be back.  Each month, if we can. 

Sonya’s Garden.  Buck Estate, Alfonso Cavite.  Philippines.


Daily Prompt: The Full Moon >>> My Inner Mermaid


When the full moon happens, you turn into a person who’s the opposite of who you normally are. Describe this new you.

I do not become a different person, I transform.  Not Exactly Ariel-Pretty, I selected the truest image I can find. On a full moon, I become a mermaid. I become perfect. The real me cannot swim. I am afraid to die.

I wonder if the mermaid can dream. Because if it can’t … then I would just rather be me. Full moon or not.

It’s still raining cats and dogs in Manila.
I can’t swim so I am staying indoors.

For photo credits: Salamat to http://www.fanpop.com.
For other full moon transformations, check out this link: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/daily-prompt-nighttime/

Daily Prompt: Procrastination >>> You’ve Got Mail from me!


There you go … doing this postcard actually proves the point.
Now, I can get to my chores.

Have a nice week, guys!

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