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My one and only darling daughter

My one and only darling daughter

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. William Shakespeare

A lot can be said about naming one’s baby.

Babies will react to you when they often hear the same sound accorded to them.

Care must be done not to make it too common, long or strange as they will carry this name until their dying day.

Don’t underestimate its value.

Ever wonder why some persons are more successful than others?

For one, there are names that are more popular than most.

Giving a baby the same name as mass murderers (Ted Bundy Cruz?), while making them popular, may have consequences in the future.

His or her name should be interesting enough as this may be the start of many a conversation (so forget naming your baby Hello).

It is important that it is easy to spell, pronounce and will not lead to any confusion as to your baby’s gender.

Just imagine the name Stevie — Wonder or Nicks?

Knowing the child’s gender beforehand helps in picking out a name which is suitable to your surname. 

Last names, after all cannot be changed, though until much later, for girls.

More and more people are likewise leaning towards exotic names, particularly for short last names.

Never add unnecessary h’s to make it more exotic than it really is. 

One such example is Jhonh or Rhaphaelh.

Parents should also be cautioned against use of titles as well, particularly when in London.

Queen Elizabeth Jones, anyone?

Rajah Sulayman Green doesn’t sound good either, even in the Philippines.

Surely, use of a grand-, great-grand or great-great-grand parents’ names will delight the oldies but some are truly outdated.   

Tiburcio, my beloved great-grandfather’s name, never made it to my baby boy names’ list (and I have 4 boys!)

Unless, of course, Lolo Tiburcio had left a treasure chest for his first namesake, then I could have reconsidered.

Very well, now that you know the basic rules, you are ready to pick your baby’s name.

When in doubt, you can “Google” the meaning of the names.

Xander, for example, means “the defender of men”.

You, are you naming a baby girl?      

Zinnia … now is that not too common, just right in terms of length but the one we know is a crazy bitch.

That was a fun one for a DP … quite challenging so I had my baby girl help me with this post. She is named after her great-grandparent Julia … and no, I did not get a treasure chest for naming her such. Isn’t my baby cute?

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Daily Prompt Too : Back to School >>> I am in School!

I am in school – I have been back since 12 years or so ago!  Does not necessarily mean I am back in the classroom though (OK, sometimes back in the classroom too).

Yes, the same business school where we met – my dearest and closest friends.  Home for two years twenty five years ago.

It kind of feels a little strange sometimes that I now walk the same campus, walls and halls with a different, yet the same kind of lens. 

I heard a colleague say some time ago that it was a very good place for “capacity building”.  I know I was back in business school that instance – those ‘biz buzz words can only be as casually said in, yes, a biz school.  But he is right, when he said that.  There is a different kind of exhilaration when you are in the middle of where knowledge is discussed, created, every day.

I continue to be a student.  Only this time, the learning comes outside the classrooms.  But we are all students, aren’t we? 


Naki-daily prompt naman – deliver my stats pa rin :-D. Yay! internet connection!


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Daily Prompt: Back to School >>> Nooooooooooooooooooo!

The Catwalk at Loyola

If you could take a break from your life and go back to school to master a subject, what would it be?

What is the operative word here? Is it break? School? Mastery?

Funny that this question will come up a day after our alma mater’s feast day (Studied at St. James Academy). Is there room for nostalgia in my heart for the school hall, where I spent a good 13 years of my life?

Strange that this question will come up during the season when my university has had a string of losses in the senior basketball derby. Do I wish to go back and cheer my lungs out for my school (which I choose, win or lose!)?

Such timing! … I was just at my business school last weekend and stopped by our case room, remembering all those days spent there exchanging BS with classmates and engaging them occasionally with “AGREE (or DISAGREE) business.” Those were such exciting and challenging years!

Do I really want to go back to school? Obviously, the title is give-away. A few minutes back, I sent an e-mail greeting all batchmates still active in our Yahoo! group. Belated as it may be, the greeting came with all my good intentions — wishing all happiness in life. We grew up together and I only have such happy, happy memories.

As for the basketball team, long after I left from the university, a host of younger family members have followed suit and have gone to the hills of Loyola and like me, decided to take a (mandatory) “side” course on being a man-for-others. The Jesuits have made their mark on me — and yes, I believe that it is the school we choose, in victory and defeat. (OK … secretly, I still wish that the team will make it to top 4). Together, we form a group of “believers” of the school and look forward to the next member from our family.

As for business school, well, I met my closest and dearest friends there. I may not have mastered anything at the institute (sorry to all my brilliant, brilliant professors), but I was able to forge the best of partnerships there. Oh yes, I have a minor in ARGUMENTS.

So there … going back to school is not my piece of cake or my idea of a break from life. After all, it was in these schools that I learn to always move forward. While I can sing my alma mater hymns with much gusto anytime, they have not been in my list of LSS for years. A visit or two from time to time is enough for this lifetime.

A minor note though: It has always been a nightmare for me to be back in school and not knowing anything about history.

What about you?

Happy weekend, everyone!


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