I love Windows #5. Do you?

Broken Windows 2

I also love broken windows, particularly these ones.
This picture was taken at The Ruins, Bacolod.
Come see the Philippines.


I love windows. Do you? #4


I take pictures of windows, inside and out. This one was taken in one of the old churches, Miag-ao Church, a UNESCO Heritage Site, in Iloilo City. The window has seen better days for sure, but it still called my attention due to the detail of its design. Hope you come visit my country.

Just doing my bit of promoting tourism for the Philippines …
One window at a time.

I love windows. Do you? #3

Upright IMG00065-20130303-0937

One would think that it is a pretty window, with its rustic charm, letting in the sunshine.
Not until you see the big picture ….


It sits right next to a different Window, one to which I told my deepest longings and good intentions for all. I looked at it as a window to which even the most silent of whispers heard and answered.

Happy Thursday, everyone. We are over the hump of the week and looking forward to the weekend.

About the picture. This was taken at the Peñafrancia Basilica Minore, Naga City, Philippines, March 2013.

I love windows. Do you? #2


I love Windows. Do you?  #2

This was taken about 2 and a half years ago. I like taking stolen pictures of my kids and this is one of my favorites. My youngest was looking out of the diner’s window and enjoying the cool weather at Baguio.
I wonder what he was thinking of.
I wished he had shared it so this story could have been longer.

Weekly Photo Challenge : The Golden Hour


Weekly Photo Challenge : The Golden Hour

This was taken during the early hours of New Year’s Day 2010 (2011? I forget), a view from our kitchen window. The sun was unhappy because of the smog caused by the previous night’s revelry. The general mood of place did not improve the sun’s disposition since it was a holiday and there were no workers (all drunk?) in the shipyard, that was usually abuzz with activity.

This picture belongs in my happy-kinda-sad folder of pictures.

Happy weekend, everyone!